Gushers by Lucky Lion

Demetrious Wiggins

Drip Leaf


In Oregon good cannabis is abundant, there's more farms and dispensaries than there are liquor stores and fast food restaurants. Is this the beginning of a “green” future? I believe so.

When it comes to finding great weed there's a few expectations to be considered, bud appeal, structure of the bud, taste, smell, and last, performance. You can't call weed “zaza” if it isn't meeting any of those aspects, you're smoking “boof” at that point. Oregon is saturated with dispensaries, especially in Eugene, Oregon. Although, in this cutthroat green market, there are few dispensaries in the city that stand out from the rest. For me, the flower menu of a dispensary is critical, quality of flower, variety of strains, and fair prices all matter in making a dispensary exceptional. One dispensary that particularly excels in this area is Lucky Lion.

As I visited Lucky Lion’s Eugene location, one of the first things that caught my attention was the ambiance of the establishment. Almost had a “fancier appeal” than most dispensaries I've been to in Duck City. Quality crafted couches, nice wood floors, even a fireplace, made me question if I was in a mini mansion, or a dispensary, fair to say it was both. What really was the gem of the store, was their flower menu. Every shelf was stacked with dense, frosted, colorful buds, and the prices were great in exchange for the quality of their menu. Specifically there was one strain I couldn’t keep my eye off of, and that strain is gushers.

When I brought the strain back to the crib I was excited to see how it would perform. Crossed with Gelato and Triangle Kush, off the “rip” I had an immediate gas and fruit flavor aroma, that's bonus points from me because I am a fan of fruity smelling cannabis. Along with that, the weed was fresh and “sponge-like” in terms of texture. Saying the bud was frosted would be an understatement, the bud was so “icy” it could have been a diamond on a chain and you wouldn’t even notice. When I blazed it up I couldn’t help but scream “za”, performance was outstanding. Great body high, most definitely acts as an indica, a great strain to smoke if you want to chill out for the day.

Being a cannabis critic I smoked more weed than most do in their lifetime, I tried hundreds of different pheno’s but Gushers in particular will be a memorable experience for me. No doubt Lucky Lion impressed me with their dispensary and flower menu, and nevertheless I will be returning to swipe more strains from them for review. I definitely recommend anyone who purely loves a great crafted strain, I suggest you pull up to Lucky Lion in Eugene.

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